NewsThe Robovie-PC run the marathon, the first time in the 2 legs robots’ history!

On 24th February in 2011, “Robot’s Full Marathon” was took place at Osaka ATC aiming to run 42.195km with 2-legs-walking-robots, and our Robovie-PC achieved that! the specs of the robot is Robovie-PC HHT version and it runs autonomic using the camera on the face parts and trace a line on the ground. For running 42.195km, it takes about 54hours and 57minutees 50.26seconds.



The moment it reaches the end of this marathon

01The robot with a board PC, our high-end and not so much expensive

Robovie-PCRobovie-PC is 2-legs-walking robot with small board PC(Atom Z530 1.6GHz by Intel). The board is same as normal PC in functional use, and the compact body makes it move so flexible, so you can program with your PC like a developer. Also it is capable of expanding, for ex., connecting to internet, exploit a camera for making an optical sensor or put other sensors easily. Combine those feature, we expect that you use the robot for development researches, entertainment, hobby and communication using network function of it-self. We developed this robot for use of new man-machine-interface with which people connect human-beings and mechanical robots.

We tried to create a robot which has high spec and flexibility in low price and put our knowledge of design as so we already created VisiON series; 2 legs walking robots which won 5 championships in the Robo-cup, now we introduce you this Robovie-PC under 400000yen, normally this spec of robots costs more 1500000-2000000yen only for researchers’ use.

Not only for researchers but also dilettantes, we provide you the high spec robot with low price!

For your research, entertainment, hobby, experiments of communications, etc.etc… use this robot and expand new possibilities of man-machine-interface!

022 new Robovie-PC, High torque version was released!

At last, we released new Robovie-PC more powerful. Our former product Robovie-pc has high torque servo motor(VS-281J) in it’s knees only, so We put more ones for this new Robovie-PC. Robovie-PC(HHT) has VS-281J in whole its legs, and Robovie-PC(FHT) has this high torque servo motor in both arms and legs.

03the merit of this product

Robovie-PC has mainly 4 typical merits.

Installed PC(AtomCPU)

micro PC board PICO820Robovie-PC has a miniature PC board(Atom CPU) and it has almost same interface as usual PC. You can connect it to display using VGA connecter, so put USB mouse and keyboard in it and you’ll operate it just like a normal desktop PC. It has 2 USB connecter, so you can put any USB equipments for normal PC, like LAN card or 3G data communication card. It can be connected with sub CPU "VS-RC003HV" through RS-232C and USB, and operate it communicatively.

lso it is a PC after x86, so you can chose any OS you prefer as WindowsXP/Vista/7 or Linux and can prepare it as your developing condition.

We are thinking about to publish only this PC-board simply, and the price for the board is 69300yen.

high flexibility

gear Interlocking pallarel link mechanismThe robot has typical shaft construction, for one leg 3-pitch Shafts, 2-roll shafts and 1-yaw shaft. This construction allows the robot high flexibility (6 degree-of-freedom) and the robot can move in multiple way.

Also we use 'gear Interlocking pallarel link mechanism' for its knees because a load above knees are so heavy, and operate elasticity of legs with one high torque servo motor. Though, the robot has both high flexibility and stability when it walks.

soft cover

polyurethane sponge coverFor avoiding getting damage in its precision instruments when it fall to the ground, we use a soft cover for every versions of Robovie-PC. We adopt foam polyurethane sponge and achieve light and flex design. Also the r can be changed as you want, for ex., blue, green, yellow, red, white, black or gray. Without painting, the original color of the robot is naturally white like this photo.

a camera in standard spec, and other options

1,300,000 pixel CMOS cameraThe robot has a 1,300,000 pix CMOS camera on its head. It is connected with USB and operated by Board PC, so you can use DirectShow, for ex., and program its image processing from robot’s eyes easily.