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  • Programming teaching material “Beaut Rover”
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  • Robot platform for research and development “Robovie-R3”
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  • Inverted pendulum control learning material “Beaut Balancer Duo”
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  • “Tetsujin 28” Limited revival!
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  • It is the best for the study of measurement/control. “Beaut Racer”
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  • Character robot platform “Tichno”
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  • World first! Two-legged robot that person can get on “OmuniZero.9”
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  • Five successive victories of RoboCup world rally achievement! “Team Osaka”
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News of product


“AMIR 740”, a ROS compatible Robot Arm suitable to be equipped with the mobile robot platform is now on sale.


The “ROS PC(UM350) option” for mobile robot platform is released.


"Mega Rover F120A" a mobile robot platform with payload capacity approx. 120kgs is released.


"Mecanum Rover V3.0" which is a new version of mobile robot platform is released.


The “pan-tilt-device option” for mobile robot platform is released.


The latest model of ROS compatible PC (UM340) option for mobile robot platform is released.


As a learning robot, Light Rover equipped with LiDAR is now ready to support Ubuntu.


LRF option (TG30) for Vstone mobile robot platform series is released.


"Mega Rover V3.0" is released.


A free programming tool applied to variety of PC environment is available now.


Camera option for LightRover is now available.


"Mega Rover V3.0 outdoor compatible edition" which is a new version of mobile robot platform is released.


Gear ratio modifiable option for mobile robot platform is released.


Robovie-Z hand unit version is newly added to our product lineup of biped robots.


A new edition of "HiroChan" called “Niconico version” specializing in the expression of laughter is released.


A new edition of MegaRover Ver. 2.1 with Jetson AGX Xavier(tm) is released.


“LightRover”, a desktop learning robot equipped with LiDAR is now on sale.


Vstone joins the manufacturing of “Hello Kitty Robot” with Kokoro Company Ltd. This robot is released as a collaboration by Sanrio Co., Ltd. and NTT East.
Click here for the official site.
Vstone formulated its SDGs Declaration through the "Gogin SDGs Management Support Service" which is provided by San-in Godo Bank.
The guide is here 
The Human Rescue Robot Contest 2021 is coming soon. Following to last year, video judgement system is concluded to be adopted. Participants as more as possible are welcome!
The guide is here 
Our company as well as product "Kamatte Hiro-chan" are introduced on "Kirakko Note" where's a nursing care information website.
The guide is here 
Vstone starts to accept application of new funds from January 21, 2021 on “Sony Bank GATE” where’s an investment crowdfunding platform by Sony Bank.
The guide is here 
An article on the demonstration experiment using "Hiro-chan" was published on "Beyond Health" where's a website that provides the latest information for people who want to innovate in the health and medical fields.
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