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  • It is the best for the study of measurement/control. “Beaut Racer”
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  • Five successive victories of RoboCup world rally achievement! “Team Osaka”
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News of product

Sota Figure

"Sota Figure" which is a motif as cute and large as "Sota" is released.
The purchase is this place

Presentation Sota

"Presentation Sota" which makes an automatic presentation can come true is released. A chargeable rental service is also available.
The detailed page is this place The purchase is this place

Soccer Robot(IR remoted control type) Kumamon

Soccer Robot(IR remoted control type) is in store now.Both normal and Kumamon versions are available.
The detailed page is this place


Sota (beams to corporate only) official web site is launched.Both device (main body of robot) and cloud service are applicable to the corporate customer.The detailed page is this place


Press release2017.12.4
A free browser service of "program master" which is a programing tool suitable to programing lesson held at primary and junior high schools comes to be available.The guide is here.External link
Press release2017.11.2
As a service robot from NTT East, Sota is adopted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government office building demonstration experiment.The guide is here.External link
Vstone succeeded in a capital and business tie-up with GoldIP Inc.The guide is here
As a communication robot which is developed by Vstone, "Sota" is demonstrated and working at Kurokin Kanda Honten where's engaged by Gate. How about have a good time with Sota at this Japanese Izakaya? (Advanced reservation is required. Please refer to link site for more details)The guide is here
An inverted pendulum moving car which comes from a co-development project with DeAGOSTINI is introduced at the press released event of "weekly magazine Robi2".The guide is here.External link
Press release2017.5.16
Vstone joins a co-development with Human Academy to launch an educational robot kit. It is used as a learning material at "advanced programing course" which is a workshop for the children.The guide is here.External link
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