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Beauto Racer


02Paper craft


Download file and print out on a thick paper A4 size.

03Linetrace course


*Please use pigment ink(ink jet printer) and toner(Laser printer) .

04Software 'Beauto Builder R'

�v���O���~���O�\�t�g�E�F�A�uBeauto Builder R�v

File Download the latest Beauto Builder R(zip:4.8MB)
Manuals Download Beauto Builder R manual(PDF:3.5MB)
Release 2010/6/28
Version Release3 (Version 1,0,0,3)
Add / Change Integrating Simulator function


File Download the latest Beauto Racer firmware(zip:16KB)
Release 2009/7/13
Version Ver 1.0
Add / Chasge First version

*Please refer to Beauto Builder R manual'8-3.Update the firmware of the robot'

07Reference data