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  • Programming teaching material “Beaut Rover”
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  • Robot platform for research and development “Robovie-R3”
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  • Inverted pendulum control learning material “Beaut Balancer Duo”
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  • “Tetsujin 28” Limited revival!
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  • It is the best for the study of measurement/control. “Beaut Racer”
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  • Character robot platform “Tichno”
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  • World first! Two-legged robot that person can get on “OmuniZero.9”
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  • Five successive victories of RoboCup world rally achievement! “Team Osaka”
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News of product


Robovie-Z hand unit version is newly added to our product lineup of biped robots.


A new edition of "HiroChan" called “Niconico version” specializing in the expression of laughter is released.


A new edition of MegaRover Ver. 2.1 with Jetson AGX Xavier(tm) is released.


“LightRover”, a desktop learning robot equipped with LiDAR is now on sale.


“LightRover”, a desktop learning robot equipped with LiDAR is launched.


The "Depth Camera Option" with 3D camera for wheeled robots is released.


An optional robot's kit combines hardware and SDK to make remote-control via web conference possible is launched.


"Mega Rover Ver2.1 full-custom edition" to support a wide demand of customization is released.


"ROS compatible 3D simulator model on Mecanum Rover" is released.


"Mega Rover V2.1 order-made size version" which makes specific dimensions can be customized is released.


Rental service for the biped robot “Robovie-Z” has started.


Rental service of "Mecanum Rover V2.1" which is a wheeled mobile robot for research and development purpose has started.


Rental service of "Mega Rover V2.1" which is a wheeled mobile robot for research and development purpose has started.


"Robovie-Z" which is a biped robot equipped with Raspberry Pi4 is released!


Vstone starts to accept application of new funds from January 21, 2021 on “Sony Bank GATE” where’s an investment crowdfunding platform by Sony Bank.
The guide is here 
An article on the demonstration experiment using "Hiro-chan" was published on "Beyond Health" where's a website that provides the latest information for people who want to innovate in the health and medical fields.
The guide is here 
Annual “Humanoid Rescue Robot Contest” will be held this year as well. A first attempt to introduce video screening method is decided.
The guide is here 
A prototype of "Mechanum Crawler" that achieves omnidirectional movement by combining a track structure with Mecanum-wheel mechanism is developed.
product information
A long-term experiment for verifying contact effect between human and baby robot “Kamatte HiroChan” will remain to be held at a nursing facility from end of Oct. 2020.
product information
Congratulations! The collaboration between "Tripleize with Simple Fighter Team" and "Vstone Robovie-Z" won "The 7th ROBO-ONE auto presented by MISUMI" held on Sept. 19th, 2020.
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"Let’s do programming" which is an event to support the challenger with self-research assignment in summer 2020 now in session. The guide is here
A public offering to the elderly care facilities on purpose of monitoring with free "Kamatte HiroChan" is started. The guide is here
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